Magic Max The Magician - Magic That Will Blow Your Mind!
    A Magical Experience!
When you hire Magic Max The Magician for your event, you can be sure you'll get a unique magical experience and a lifetime of memories.
Whether it's an intimate cocktail party, a special birthday party, a lavish wedding or a corporate event, Magic Max ellicits smiles, laughter, shouts of glee and surprise and more importantly, the results you desire.
With over 37 years of experience up his sleeve, you don't have to wonder if you'll be filled with a sense of wonder after one of his performances.
Face it, in this economy, you can't afford to second guess your choice when choosing your featured entertainment. And now you don't have to!
Call Magic Max The Magican today and he'll make all of your entertainment anxieties dissapear!
   (310) 590-6767
               New York City including all five boroughs!



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